BellePoule the central tournament manager:

  • Officially approved by FFE (French Fencing Federation).
  • File format compliant with the xml specification of FIE (International Fencing Federation).
  • Available for free on Linux and Windows.
  • E-Score sheets.
  • A huge list of features...

SmartPoule an Android application for referee:

  • An efficient timer and score keeper plus inovative features never seen before!
  • E-Scoresheet transactions with BellePoule.
  • Quick authentication with the help of QrCode.
  • Remote control of LivePoule light repeater.
  • Available on Google Play for free.


LivePoule a HD light repeater made of a standard TV set plus a credit-card sized box to get connected to the scoring machine and to receive real time bout information from SmartPoule.

  • Free and open source hardware.
  • Free and open source software.
  • Compatible with Favero and St Georges devices.
  • Real time score display (From SmartPoule messages).
  • Fencers name display (From SmartPoule messages).
  • Timer display.


These 3 partners are designed to exchange data over wireless networks with a very high security level.

With BellePoule, security doesn't mean inconvenient. The referees desiring to make use of E-Scoresheets just have to scan their own QrCode on BellePoule to get their credentials and network parameters. That's all and it should take less than one second. It couldn't be simpler.

With the help of a similar operation on a QrCode displayed on LivePoule (obtained by pressing a button on the connection box), the information of the bout managed by the referee is automatically reflected on LivePoule.